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British Designed and Manufactured Furniture for Education

Island Unit Half Moon Storage Single Plinth Panel (12")
Island Unit
RRP: £757.00 Exc VAT
Half Moon Storage
RRP: £179.00 Exc VAT
Single Plinth Panel (12")
RRP: £42.40 Exc VAT
1 tray high 1 tray high Single Plinth Panel (12")
Single Column CornerUnit- Right Hand Book & Seat Storage Island Single Stage Unit (9")
Book & Seat Storage Island
RRP: £614.00 Exc VAT
Single Stage Unit (9")
RRP: £110.08 Exc VAT
2 trays high 1 tray high Single Stage Unit (9")

Installation shot of our new FLOAT Reception desk. Specified in white and charcoal.

New Products

Teachers Wooden Locker Desk - Coloured Top
RRP: £237.50 Exc VAT
Red Boat Divider
RRP: £235.50 Exc VAT
Teachers Wooden Locker Desk - Beech
RRP: £217.50 Exc VAT
Policeman Room Divider with Mirror
RRP: £269.60 Exc VAT
Fireman Room Divider with Mirror
RRP: £269.60 Exc VAT